Support and management services

Flawlessly manage technical issues and periods of systems change while keeping your core team focused on running your business, with Blavitch support and maintenance services.

We know that sometimes it is hard to cope with a bundle of problems rolling over you like a snowball, especially if they are the technical ones. At Blavitch, we have an experienced team of software engineers who can help you with any issue related to software development or support.

Blavitch provides application maintenance and support services. Our maintenance and support teams seamlessly blend with client development and support practices ensuring smooth software operation and scalability.

We will help you with

  • Virtual cloud infrastructure
  • Security and performance issues
  • Software issues resolution
  • Application monitoring
  • Product enhancement
  • Backup & recovery
  • Event log management
  • Server monitoring
  • Database service
  • Hosting and support
  • Release management
  • Documentation
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